The FACT solution is versatile: developed for any platform in any industry.

Managing firmware and software in “smart” devices is complicated. Most companies use products from a variety of different suppliers, each offering a different way of delivering and installing updates. Upgrade workflows involve numerous staff roles dependent on location and function. And traditional IT controls, such as code signing, are rarely an option — especially on legacy devices. FACT lets you simplify your firmware upgrade processes and makes them more secure and reliable.


If your company manufactures products with embedded software, FACT makes the update delivery process to your customers more reliable and secure. It also provides valuable intelligence on the software modules you source from 3rd parties, warning you in advance if sub-components have known vulnerabilities or malware. And if counterfeit versions of your software are being installed anywhere in the world, you will be the first to know.

Asset Owners

If your company owns and operates smart devices such as sensors, controllers, or monitoring platforms, FACT gives you visibility and control of the upgrade processes. FACT integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows to allow employees to analyze the files they need. Management gains visibility into the files being used and has the ability to approve or deny patches before they are installed on critical equipment.

System Integrators

If your company designs and installs intelligent control platforms, FACT lets you track software in every stage of the EPC process: from initial design & commissioning to factory acceptance tests & handover. You can be certain that the software installed on your client’s system is free of known vulnerabilities and counterfeits. Plus you can manage workflows and approval processes for software across multiple clients and projects.

Security Analysts

If your company provides audit services for industry, you know that modern control systems can contain millions of different executable files, scattered across hundreds of different platforms. This makes the task of uncovering hidden malware similar to finding a needle in a haystack. FACT gives you the tools to quickly authenticate vendor files, helping you understand their origin, functionality, and vulnerabilities.
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