aDolus offers a solution to organizations struggling with a manageable, secure update process for embedded systems.

A Quick Overview


The Problem

If you work in a high tech market — such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Medical, or Aerospace — your company probably has hundreds of “smart" systems that provide vital control or data collection functions every minute of every day.

Each of these systems contains hundreds of "smart" devices. And each of these devices contains multiple software, firmware, and configuration files.

So you probably have thousands of different files — sourced from hundreds of different vendors, consultants, and staff — that all must be valid and secure to run your factory (or patient care system or aircraft) safely.

If cybercriminals or hostile governments can trick your staff into installing a modified version of just one of these files, then your company secrets, your operations, and your team are all at risk.

The Solution

aDolus works directly with equipment vendors to collect "fingerprints" of original files before they are released to the market.

We also dig deep into each file's structure to determine if any sub-components contain known vulnerabilities or malware issues.

When your team receives a file from any source — the web, a DVD, a contractor — they can use FACT to quickly compare fingerprints to see if the file is identical to the original. And we provide a file confidence rating, so you know if we've detected any security issues.

Finally, FACT's role management and reporting features give you full visibility into the software and firmware being deployed on your most critical systems.

You decide exactly what software, firmware, or configurations meet your company's requirements.

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