What's in a name?

dolus / ˈdōləs / n. 1 Roman, civil, & Scots law : the doing of anything that is contrary to good conscience : the use of a trick, stratagem, artifice, or device to deceive another : DECEIT

(Merriam-Webster.com, 2018)

In Greek mythology, Dolos (or the Latin spelling Dolus) is the spirit of trickery and guile. He is a master at cunning deception, craftiness, and treachery. Dolos became known for his skill when he attempted to make a fraudulent copy of the statue Aletheia (Veritas) for the purpose of tricking people into thinking they were seeing the real statue.

There are many translations for the Latin word dolus, including: deceit, fraud, treachery, and a trap.

With words of Greek origin, adding the prefix a- inverts its meaning. It’s like adding the descriptor not or without.
The result: If dolus means deceit, then adolus means no deceit.

So while the main power of the Greek spirit Dolos was to cause chaos among humanity, the aDolus solution aims to remove that threat.

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